Do-it-yourself wedding - a loaf, a castle and posters for bride price.

  1. DIY invitations
  2. Wedding Posters
  3. Bridal bouquet with your own hands
  4. Bake loaf
  5. Wedding loaf decoration
  6. Castle for the wedding with his own hands
  7. Festive table decoration

In order to make your wedding beautiful, colorful and memorable, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. In addition, a similar approach to wedding ceremony significantly save your money, it will allow you to create a completely unique, original atmosphere in which a piece of your soul will be felt.

wedding ceremony

The preparation of accessories should be started in advance, since, in the absence of experience, this can take quite a long time. It would be nice to involve our friends in this entertaining, but labor-intensive process. Before you start work, you need to decide what style you want to spend your holiday, make a list of necessary things. Competent preliminary organization will help to avoid unnecessary fuss, significantly save valuable time and help to take into account any detail.

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DIY invitations

After you have decided on the date of the celebration, it is necessary to send invitations to guests. Wedding invitations - This is a kind of business card newlyweds. Invitations in the form of an old parchment scroll will look very original and stylish. And make them pretty simple. To do this, you will need A5 white sheets, tea, a coil of twine, a lighter, wax, a seal and a pen.

We moisten the leaves with strong tea leaves and let them dry, then gently light the edges with a lighter. And voila - the effect of antiquity was wonderful. After write the text of the invitation. If your handwriting is not very good, ask someone to write the text for you. After that, fold the sheet into a scroll and seal with heated wax and seal.

If there is no print, you can simply tie the string beautifully.

Remember how in childhood you made paper airplanes? This skill can now be useful to you. Write a greeting on a piece of paper, fold an airplane out of it and tie it up with a beautiful ribbon. The easiest option is to put a photo of the bride and groom in the envelope and accompany it with a small letter.

Wedding Posters

Beautifully decorated posters will be an excellent decoration for the wedding and at the same time entertainment for guests. The most popular are posters for bride price. They can easily be made independently. And let such posters be not as bright as polygraphic products, but you cannot refuse them originality. All the fun at the wedding starts from the moment when the groom approaches the house of his bride.

Here the groom is waited by cheerful tests, after all process of the repayment of the bride begins. Bright and funny posters for the bride price will create an additional festive atmosphere. They can depict the groom, bravely fighting the monsters, cunning bridesmaids, rubbing their hands in anticipation of a generous redemption. Post posters can be both before the entrance, and inside it.

Post posters can be both before the entrance, and inside it

Useful posters to decorate the hall. On them you can stick photos of the bride and groom, beautifully decorated with various applications, rhinestones, flowers. It is desirable that the bridesmaids draw the posters - it will be a pleasant surprise for her.

Posters can be an excellent additional props for a photo shoot. These posters should be really beautiful and picturesque, so that on their background, both young and their guests were photographed with pleasure. If the wedding takes place in nature in the gazebos, you can artistically arrange them with garlands of paper angels, hearts and flowers.

Bridal bouquet with your own hands

What kind of bride does without a bouquet at a wedding. In order to add originality, a bouquet for the bride can be made independently and not necessarily from fresh flowers. A bouquet of bright paper flowers will look very unusual. With patience, you will very soon learn how to cut paper flowers of amazing beauty that can be decorated with delicate beads.

The bridal bouquet of buttons of various colors and shapes looks creative and unusual. Buttons are placed on the wire, decorated with delicate lace - and it turns out a beautiful bouquet.

Bake loaf

Meet the newlyweds with loaf - this is an old Slavic tradition. It carries a deep meaning - it is a symbol of what God takes under his care a new family. Wedding loaf do-it-yourself a great way to please the newlyweds. Since ancient times it was believed that only women who are happy in marriage should bake loaf.

In no case are widows and divorced persons allowed into this process in order to avoid a negative impact on the young family.

In no case are widows and divorced persons allowed into this process in order to avoid a negative impact on the young family

To prepare the loaf, you will need 9 cups of high-grade flour, half a cup of milk or water-milk mixture, butter, 10 eggs, salt, sugar, yeast, cinnamon, orange zest or vanilla sugar to give a pleasant flavor. We dissolve the yeast with a spoon of sugar in lukewarm milk and add a glass of sifted flour. Beat the egg yolks with sugar, leaving one for the loaf grease, and add all this to the resulting early mixture.

Pour our flour into a large container. In the middle of the hill we make a small hole, where we pour in the whipped proteins in advance, yeast mixture, melted butter and add salt. Knead our dough and leave it to reach. And at this time we ourselves are preparing decorations for the loaf.

Wedding loaf decoration

Jewelry should be approached seriously, as each element of the wedding loaf must bear a hidden meaning. In ancient times, a bunch of viburnum — a symbol of pure love and prosperity of a young family — was an indispensable decoration of a wedding loaf. Another traditional element of the decor is the pigtail, which is placed on the edge of the loaf.

It symbolizes the sun, designed to illuminate the road to the young and to protect them from misfortune. It is imperative that the symbols of eternal love and loyalty be present on the loaf: hearts, rosebuds, swans or pigeons, connected rings.

It is imperative that the symbols of eternal love and loyalty be present on the loaf: hearts, rosebuds, swans or pigeons, connected rings

You can decorate the loaf with the names of the newlyweds and the date of their marriage. In order that the decorations do not move to the side, moisten them and a loaf of water or egg white. Attach decorations to the loaf usually 10-15 minutes before full readiness. And the loaf itself is baked in the oven for just over an hour.

Castle for the wedding with his own hands

Recently, the tradition to hang up a castle at a wedding is quickly gaining popularity. Many mistakenly believe that this custom is rooted in ancient times. However, this is not quite true. The tradition of hanging the castle came to us from Italy when the famous writer F. Moccia described in his sensational novel “Three meters above the sky” young lovers who decided to fasten their love by hanging the lock on the Tiber Bridge and throwing the key into the river. This symbolic gesture of love was picked up by lovers of the whole world, which gives a lot of trouble to the city authorities of various countries.

Thus, with the author's easy filing, the castle became a symbol of unbreakable love.

Thus, with the author's easy filing, the castle became a symbol of unbreakable love

This wedding element is easy to decorate with your own hands. To do this, you will need a regular lock, bought in a store and a little bit of fantasy. Buy a spray can of your favorite color. Before applying the paint lock should be pre-degreased with acetone or alcohol. After that, we paint the lock, having previously protected the well from paint ingress. And then we connect our imagination.

You can beautifully paint the castle with special varnishes, decorate it with flowers or hearts made of polymer clay. On the one hand, carefully write the names of the newlyweds, and on the other - you can put the date of the wedding and a beautiful saying about love. Do not forget to cover the already finished lock with a thin layer of colorless varnish. You can hang a lock almost everywhere. But best of all, if it is a favorite place of lovers or a meeting place.

Festive table decoration

Making a festive table is very important. After all, everything should be not only tasty, but also beautiful and festive. Cute little things made by hand will be an original decoration of any wedding table. For each guest, you can beautifully arrange a name plate, arrange beautiful bouquets of paper flowers on the tables. Bottles of champagne and other drinks can be beautifully decorated, for example, using decoupage technique or glued with laces and beads.

A wedding with their own hands, with proper preparation and organization, will make an indelible impression on guests with its originality and singularity.

Remember how in childhood you made paper airplanes?