Arborio rice

Arborio is a variety of short-grained rice, named after the eponymous Italian commune located on the territory of the Padan Plain in Italy. It is there that grows this variety of cereal.

It is there that grows this variety of cereal

Arborio can rightly be called the most common rice variety in Italy. The wide and slightly transparent grain of this rice in the process of cooking acquires a creamy structure and absorbs the taste and aroma of the remaining ingredients of the dish.

This is because, as this cereal contains the largest amount of amylopectin starchy substance.

Before cooking rice grain do not rinse, but at the end of cooking they remove the dish from the stove, when the rice is not completely ready - it is steamed to the desired state on its own.

Arborooo should not be digested, otherwise it will turn into a mess. Grain is prepared very quickly, absorbing a large amount of liquid, it turns velvety, not sticking to it.

Due to its qualities, Arborio is the most popular variety for risotto. In addition, all sorts of rice puddings are made from it.